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Poetic podcast

A workshop in poetic audio, aimed at creating podcasts and more.

Drawing on 25 years of experience in podcast, audio documentaries,theatre,film, music, performance and experimental forms Tim Hinman will seek to cover a broad spectrum of styles, genres and new possibilities in audio. -The workshop will focus on concrete productions past and present and welcome input from your own current projects and ideas under development, both practical and creative. In short this workshop will inspire and help develop new ideas and projects in audio as well as providing an inspirational background to the field of creative audio.


Med en begrundet ansøgning forstås en kortere beskrivelse af dit professionelle virke, hvad du arbejder på lige nu, hvorfor netop dette kursus har din interesse, og hvad du regner med at få ud af kurset.


Timothy John Hinman

Born in 1968 in London - moved to Copenhagen, Denmark in 1996. I have been working formally and informally with sound for twenty years or more. As producer and editor of dozens of experimental audio productions at the Danish National Radio - ranging from sound art and compositions to straight up documentaries, from poetry and spoken word pieces to radio dramas. In recent years I’ve been producing my own and others' work for podcast Third Ear - which I founded in 2009. I have produced around 20 podcast series and a ton of feature stories. Now I'm in charge of international development at Third Ear studios which is a new collaboration between podcast doc makers in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

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