Kate Royster

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Kate Royster


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De skønlitterære
Forlag: Saga/Lindhardt og Ringhof Udgivelsesår: 2020

Karen Jeppe and the Armenian People. A Life – a Calling (e-bog)

In 1903 the Danish teacher Karen Jeppe (1876-1935) travelled to Urfa in the Ottoman Empire to teach orphaned Armenian children. She remained in Urfa during the Armenian genocide saving as many Armenians as possible from massacres and death marches. In 1921 she continued her work in Aleppo, Syria. Here she organized housing, teaching, food and medical supply in the large refugee camp for exiled Armenians. The League of Nations appointed her commissioner (1921-1927) with the responsibility of "protecting women and children in the Near East".
The story is a portrait of a brave, competent, and insightful woman who is driven by love for her fellow-man.
The book is written in an easy-to-read language.